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Hi there. Welcome to UserVoice.

We make Product Management & Customer Support Software to help companies build better products and support their users.

UserVoice is for

Product Managers

UserVoice gives you everything you need to make data-driven product decisions. We aggregate incoming product ideas and provide metrics so you can make decisions on what to build next with the data to justify it.

  • Build your roadmap with real data

    Our SmartVote™ Poll helps vet product ideas with your users in the form of a single question survey. You can segment results by user traits and metrics, like revenue and customer satisfaction. This allows you to define your roadmap with data science and build consensus within your organization.

  • Drive new feature adoption

    We provide a direct channel to customers requesting a feature so you can easily communicate to users before launch to get volunteer beta testers or post-launch to drive early adoption of your new feature and close the communication loop.

  • Be at the right place at the right time

    With UserVoice, you can gather feedback and ideas right in your app (web or mobile) with a native user experience or in private labeled online feedback forums where you can reach your users while they are the most engaged.

Customer Support

UserVoice is a Customer Service Solution designed for customers. We help you deliver the best customer experience in the industry so your customers are happy and stay happy.

  • Easy as email

    Whether you’re upgrading from another platform or just out of a shared inbox, UserVoice has a familiar look and feel that’s intuitive from the first login.

  • Complete platform support

    Web? iOS? Android? Wherever your customers are, UserVoice provides a native experience.

  • Personal relationships, not ID numbers

    Using simple straightforward emails without long ID numbers, customers communicate directly with real people, not a complex ticketing system.

  • Scale smarter with self-service

    Instant Answers™ helps customers find exactly what they are looking for and is proven to reduce ticket volume by as much as 50%.

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