How Buffer Uses Scalable Customer Collaboration to Build a Winning Product

In just 5 years since Buffer got its start in 2010, it has become the go-to social media tool for marketers. Buffer is an easy to use social media scheduling and management platform. The platform helps marketers save time by scheduling and publishing content across multiple social media accounts at once. Buffer also offers tools to help with content curation and provides rich analytics that enable marketers and agencies to track engagement and identify their most successful posts.

Download the case study to read about how Buffer:

  • Manages feedback from over 3 million users
  • Prioritizes customer requested features for their roadmap
  • Ensures efficient allocation of engineering resources

"We’re not building things focused purely on our own assumptions, but we really push for customer validation, so that we make sure anything we build is something that customers actually need and solving an actual problem."

Tom Dunn Customer Development & UX Researcher

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