Meaningful data to prioritize your roadmap

UserVoice gives product managers meaningful data to better prioritize product features. By aggregating and enriching customer feedback with relevant data, product managers can make more informed product roadmap decisions, ultimately building products their users will love.


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Build your product roadmap with real data

We help you listen to your most important stakeholder – the customer – and turn their feedback into actionable data to drive product roadmap decisions. You can better evaluate the potential impact of product features with the ability to segment product feedback. Only UserVoice lets you enrich product feedback with customer data like user type, plan, revenue, and satisfaction score so you can align product decisions with business objectives.

Give customers, partners, or internal teams a voice

We provide a structured way for you to collect product feedback from both internal and external customers and help you prioritize those product ideas, all in a single system. With UserVoice’s customer feedback tools, you can gather feedback right in your app (web or mobile) with a native user experience or through your customer teams from within any CRM or tool they use.

Make sense of raw data and prioritize the features that matter

Our product management tools and reports enable you to make sense of raw data so you get to insights faster. With our Advanced Trend Reporting, you can quickly identify hot or trending product ideas. You can evaluate whether user desire for an idea is increasing more quickly or slowly and whether certain ideas and user concerns remain relevant over time.

“UserVoice helps us decide what to build and how to build it to best meet our customers’ complex needs. Because of this, I am confident we can continue to deliver a crucial tool that helps physician practices improve the health of their patients.”

Practice Fusion
Matt Douglass, Co-founder and SVP Customer Experience