SiriusDecisions Product Management: 2017 Planning Assumptions

SiriusDecisions is a research and advisory company focused on ensuring product leaders drive intelligent growth for B2B organizations. They are regarded as a leading voice in product management research and analysis. 

In this official research brief, SiriusDecisions taps over fifteen years of industry knowledge to determine five trends that will affect product leaders in 2017 and beyond. They suggest clear action steps to confirm your product team is ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive product landscape. 

Highlights include:

  • Why product leaders must ensure their product teams have autonomy without getting siloed
  • The most effective ways to work with customer-facing teams to truly understand customer needs
  • How to ensure pricing is a collaborative exercise where product has a say
  • Managing product ideas, no matter where they come from in the organization

”Addressing these areas can help establish and reinforce product management’s role as a strategic leader within the organization.”

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