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Give customers, partners, or internal teams a voice

We provide a structured way for you to collect product feedback from both internal and external customers and help you prioritize those product ideas, all in a single system. Plus, integrate that feedback from every department talking to customers.

Build your roadmap with real data

Our SmartVote™ tool helps build consensus within your organization by eliminating ambiguity over the direction of your product roadmap. Define your roadmap with data science and statistical significance, using metrics like revenue and customer satisfaction.

Prioritize the features that matter

With our Advanced Trend Reporting, you can quickly identify hot or trending product ideas. Evaluate whether user desire for an idea is increasing more quickly or slowly and whether certain ideas and user concerns remain relevant over time.

Be at the right place at the right time

UserVoice allows you to gather feedback and ideas right in your app (web or mobile) with a native user experience or in private labeled online feedback forums.

Reduce the noise

For larger product management teams, we enable each admin to access their most relevant information in one-click ensuring that each product manager can catch critical updates to their specific product.

Drive new feature adoption

We help you identify and communicate to customers requesting features so you can engage them during beta testing and after the launch so you can drive adoption and customer happiness.